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Subtitle One currently supports converting text-based subtitle files such as ASS, VTT, and image-based subtitle files such as Bluray SUP and VobSub SUB/IDX into SRT or VTT.

For image-based subtitle files, we will extract the files and then send them back to your browser for conversion. This site is made possible only through the support from ads.


The Adjustment page allows you to apply timing shifts to your subtitles and/or clean up your subtitle files. Supported formats: SRT, ASS, WebVTT. More will be added in the future.

Three shift modes are available: simple, partial and linear shifts. For Adjustment, none of the your files will be sent to the server. All files will be adjusted locally in your browser.


Here you can translate your subtitles from any language to more than 100 languages using Google Translate™.

While machine-translated subtitles are not as accurate as human-translated ones, they are still very usable in helping the audience understand the dialogues.