About Us

I started having the idea of creating Subtitle One back in February 2020. The idea was to create an alternative to an existing website that also offered free subtitle tool conversion service. If you'd been doing a lot of subtitle conversion you'd know which website I am talking about. ☺

While the existing website was working well and reliably, I found that it was sometimes such a pain to queue for such a long time when it's really busy. There was also a daily limit of three subpicture files conversion at the time. Not to mention the queue that could sometimes be a couple of days long.

Faced with these limitations, I thought I could probably start my own conversion website as an alternative using a different architecture to allow it to cope with the CPU-intensive processing requirements and user demands. After spending some time researching and testing I figured that I could build a solution that could handle these requirements. Hence, Subtitle One was born.

I hope this website could prove to be a useful alternative.

~ Subtitle One


Why does my CPU usage go so high during subpicture conversion process?

Here we utilise your own computer's CPU (via the browser) to do the subtitle conversion, and Subpicture files conversion requires heavy CPU usage. Once a subpicture file is uploaded, the dialog cue images within the subpicture file are extracted and preprocessed and then sent back to your browser for the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) process. OCR'ing a single cue does not take too long. However, there often could be thousands of cues within a single subpicture file that need to be OCR'd.

I don't want to see ads. Can I pay you so that I don't have to see ads?

That is certainly in our mind. However, we would wait and see if there is enough demands for this out there. If we get at least 10 requests for this via our Contact Page, we would definitely look into allowing our users to purchase prepaid plans as as a way to support this website.