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Accepts: SRT, ASS, VTT

(File size: 1 KB ~ 5 MB)

Timing Shift

Simple mode simply shifts all subtitle cues by the specified value (in milliseconds) below. Enter a positive number to add delay to the cues, or add a negative one to make them appear sooner.

If the subtitle cues are shown at the right time in the beginning but then later increasingly being offset or out of sync then you can try using the Linear Shift mode to fix them. The most likely cause of the out of sync issue is that the subtitle file used is intended for video with different frame rates that come from another source/media.


Shift amount (ms)

In this section you can clean up the subtitle files you have uploaded. Click the Apply button to apply the changes to all selected subtitle files below. Currently only SRT and VTT files are supported.

Note that you don't need to re-upload the files if you intended to apply this to the same files already listed below. You can simply select the files and click Apply. All changes will be immediately applied in browser before you download the files.

Remove all (beween):